Monday, May 3, 2021

In order for S.E.G. Magnetics to get funding, they must take SPINTRONIC'S to court

Spatial Effect Generator (SEG)

On why funding is so important...

In order to understand why taking SPINTRONIC'S to court is so important, 
please see the following links below.

SEG Magnetics Inc. is an energy research company developing the Spatial Effect Generator (SEG); 
also known as the Searl Effect Generator by John R.R. Searl.

In 2016 Fernando Morris dissolved SEARL Magnetics
 and started a new company called S.E.G. Magnetics.

The Conspiracy to undo SEARL Magnetics Inc.
Russell Anderson/Spintronics/STI steal S.E.G. Mock-up from SEARL Magnetics.

Spintronics/STI S.E.G. Patent

Spintronics/STI tries to take over SEARL Magnetics Inc.

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S.E.G. Magnetics INFO Download

Please consider donating to the SEG Society, 
so S.E.G. Magnetics can raise enough money to take SPINTRONIC'S to court.

The SEG Society is a way for non-accredited investors to support SEG Magnetics...
invest money for SEG development.

click the Become a Member button at the seg society to go to paypal, invest any amount - everything helps SEG Magnetics...

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