Friday, March 20, 2020

when the night - robert thibodeau

When everything falls down, hold me in your heart. 'When the Night' w/robert thibodeau & the detroit jewels. If you enjoy the songs, please share with friends. Also consider offering donation for m'songs to continue! We have PayPal where you can send us support at Check us out at and on face book. Bless your heart soul mind to spirit the world with love and truth, robert thibodeau and the detroit jewels

Thursday, March 19, 2020

SEG Magnetics mailing + moonman white limo

I personally mailed most of the companies I promoted in the moonman white limo video in efforts to get investnment funding for SEG Magnetics. The SEG (spatial effect generator) is key to providing limitless clean energy to our ever demanding energy needs world wide. See all the letters mailed out at the link below, lets work together to clean our planet of dirty energy...

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Shaping X-59 QueSST at Skunk Works

Introducing COBRA
Most recently, the X-59 program has leveraged a Combined Operation: Bolting and Robotic AutoDrill system to finish the lower wing skin of the aircraft. Simply known as COBRA, the robotic system drills, countersinks and inspects holes with a quality pass rate over 99.99%. Its use on X-59 marks the first time Lockheed Martin has drilled a production article with the COBRA system, pairing automation and robotics technologies to increase manufacturing speed and accuracy.