Tuesday, August 6, 2019

spaceman 6 = august 6th 2019

secrets of power
ingo swann

space nazi's on the moon : the story of IRON SKY
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This poster was created in 2012 using photoshop, its purpose is to promote authors on the subject of flying saucers - anti-gravity - zero point energy - nikola tesla - secret weapons of WWII - remote viewing - disclosure & 9/11.

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SEG Magnetics letter & note

Spatial Effect Generator (SEG) investment letter

Spatial Effect Generator (SEG) investment letter
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the Spatial Effect Generator (seg) is a zero point energy generator.

the SEG investment letter is our best bet to get the Spatial Effect Generator promoted & funded. If you can please mail out printed copies of this pdf to your favorite companies or world governments to get this technology lifted off the drawing board & birthed into a prototype... your help is greatly appreciated... thank you : )

Super Duper SEG Magnetics - combo download 
John Searl Veritas interview.mp3s - ether-tech.pdf - Infinite Energy Technologies.pdf - antigravity: the dream made reality.pdf - Secrets of anti-gravity propulsion.pdf - SEG Business plan pdfs & the official unofficial seg letter & note.pdf... 
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This download is a must for any fan of John Searl or SEG Magnetics : )